Every fashion enthusiast can see clearly the worlds i draw my inspiration from, The world of Manga and Anime they exposed me to the amazing japanease fashion culture, which I want to learn about each day ( Harajuku ,Gyaru ,Lolita ) and much more.

Macho my beloved dog and of course a lot of inspiration from the first half of the 18th and 19th century, and the great breakout of the "New look" in 1947.

I mix them all together to create my own world.

My Inspiration Macho

Hello friends.

My name is Karin Vasiluk and im a fashion designer.

Here in our website you will find unique and unusual fasion items.

I always liked special and different clothes so i wanted to translate my ideas and passion on a fabric.

Since i was a little kid i was exceling in drawing and i wanted to become an animator, despite i remember me filling up notebooks in sketches of clothes that were in fashion.

I was always into cartoons, anima and manga and it was a big part of my life so i was naturally attracted to animation.

And then one day it just hit me, doing animation felt like its just not it.

I found out i was having so much fun creating my ideas and see them become real ,to be able to design my charecters and their clothes, i always had this dream to find a piece of clothing that was only in my mind and see it.